School of Athens – Rafael
School of Athens – Rafael

Clinic de Philo is a clinic of healing for the citizens of Cubicle Nation. Citizens of Cubicle Nation include employees, professionals, self-employed, entrepreneurs. Originally named as The Pomegranate Clinic, the name changed as the founders had some mystical vision. Interested reader may read the following introductory material and can contact at

  1. If you are from India and born somewhere between 1960 and 1980, you must read The Journey of the Indian Taraaqi Man ,
  2. If you are a citizen of the Cubicle Nation and interested to be wealthy or find yourself in poverty or find yourself financially distressed, read as a therapy : The Wealth of the Cubicle Nation ,
  3. If you are lonely and life becomes meaningless and in some morning you have contemplated a dignified exit, i.e. suicide, read this post: Why am I so lonely in a city of ten million? ,
  4. Finally, if you need help, here is the Helpline .